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Did you look for a case brief on only to find that we didn't have it? Go ahead and reply to this post with the case name, citation, and the course you need to read the case for, and we'll get to work!

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1000 case briefs now on!?
1,000 case briefs now on!

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Success signIf you are either starting your 1L year or returning for another year of law school, chances are you have heard all about the three biggest components of law school: reading cases, outlining, and final exams. Seem overwhelming? Don't let it be. Start your year off right by becoming an A+ Member today. Thousands of law students use every month to prepare for class and exams. You should, too!

The Secrets of Outlining: Why do we do it?

320px-Ballpen_head_macroWhen I started law school, I heard a lot of talk about outlines from upperclassmen, professors, and lawyers. I wasn't really sure why I was supposed to outline. And I wasn't really sure if I had a choice. I thought it was odd that everyone I talked to about law school said the same thing: "You have to outline." A budding lawyer, I had to ask, "But why?" Well, I finally had my answer. Here it is. Continue reading "The Secrets of Outlining: Why do we do it?" just got bigger, faster, and stronger

I let you know a few days ago that I'd be moving the site to a faster server. Well, the move is complete! You should notice much faster search speeds as well as no downtime. This new speed should come in handy during finals preparation. As always, has paid off in your law-school course, please support the site by becoming an A+ Member. I pay for everything out of my own pocket, so I appreciate your financial support. Thanks, everyone!

Faster, more powerful website coming soon!

When I started a few years ago, I never imagined that it would become as popular as it has. The site has gone from having just a few visitors a month to now having thousands! Now a new change is coming: is becoming faster and more powerful! Continue reading "Faster, more powerful website coming soon!"

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Happy New Year! 2013 was a great year for thanks to you, the tens of thousands of law students, professionals, and others who visited this site. There are now more than 800 case briefs and outlines on available to A+ Members. Subscribe today to access the full benefits of what law students like you around the country are using to get ahead in law school.

Back when I started posting my law-school materials in 2011, I could not even fathom serving over 100,000 page views a year. And I'm only getting started. I am continuing to add new case briefs and outlines each week along with my tips and tricks for law-school success. Most materials are only available to A+ Members. Membership is only $24.99 for 4 years of unlimited access! Let's make 2014 the year you ace law school.