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Since I began uploading my case briefs and outlines to this website just over two years ago, I have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of praise and support I have received from law students, professionals, and others around the country. I sincerely appreciate hearing how my law-school materials help others navigate law school, law, and other fields.

I still have hundreds more case briefs and outlines to upload. But since I still maintain my no-advertisement policy, I have to cover the costs of running this site, including my time maintaining it. I have therefore launched A+ Member access. For just $24.99, you can receive unlimited access to all my case briefs, outlines, and other exclusive law-school resources for four years.

I sincerely hope you will support my endeavor to make law school easier for you with a membership that costs far less than even a single law-school case-brief book. Click here to subscribe to A+ Member access today.

But since my Criminal Procedure case briefs started it all, I am keeping those free of charge. I hope that if you have enjoyed those briefs and outlines, you will subscribe to the rest of my law-school materials.

As always, thank you for using and making it the success that it is.

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