I passed the bar and so can you

state bar welcomeI found out a few days ago that I passed the California bar exam. You can imagine my excitement. It really is surreal to close the law-school chapter of my life and move forward as an attorney. I hope my experience will inspire you to soar through law school and the bar.

All too often, we forget why we are in law school. Law school is not an end in itself; it is merely a means to becoming an attorney. When you start feeling down about your choice to go to law school, remember why you chose to go in the first place. What did you want to do as an attorney? What was your dream? Let that inspire you.

Law school is hard. And so is the bar exam. But it is very doable. As one of my professors always used to say, thousands have come before you; thousands will come after you. That may sound cold at first, but it really is great perspective. Your law-school journey has an end, and you will make it. Just imagine how amazing it is going to be to open a letter a few months after the bar exam that says, "Welcome, counselor."

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