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Happy New Year! 2013 was a great year for JaredOlen.com thanks to you, the tens of thousands of law students, professionals, and others who visited this site. There are now more than 800 case briefs and outlines on JaredOlen.com available to A+ Members. Subscribe today to access the full benefits of what law students like you around the country are using to get ahead in law school.

Back when I started posting my law-school materials in 2011, I could not even fathom serving over 100,000 page views a year. And I'm only getting started. I am continuing to add new case briefs and outlines each week along with my tips and tricks for law-school success. Most materials are only available to A+ Members. Membership is only $24.99 for 4 years of unlimited access! Let's make 2014 the year you ace law school.


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