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So tired that coffee doesn't even work. Can't even . . . concentrate. Was that you last semester? Law school is hard for everyone. It's a lot of reading and a lot of information to process. Make your job a lot easier by studying smarter with case briefs and course outlines from Become an A+ Member today for just $29.99 for 4 years!

Are we missing a case brief?

Did you look for a case brief on only to find that we didn't have it? Go ahead and reply to this post with the case name, citation, and the course you need to read the case for, and we'll get to work!

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1000 case briefs now on!?
1,000 case briefs now on!

Do you want to read 1,000 cases in law school? I didn't think so. But has now reached 1,000 case briefs! Become an A+ Member today and save the 750 hours it would take you to read and brief all of these cases. Spend that time on more important things like outlining, preparing for exams, and balancing your life with law school. For about 62¢ a month, you can have unlimited access to over 1,000 case briefs, outlines, and other law-school resources for 4 years! Subscribe today!


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Success signIf you are either starting your 1L year or returning for another year of law school, chances are you have heard all about the three biggest components of law school: reading cases, outlining, and final exams. Seem overwhelming? Don't let it be. Start your year off right by becoming an A+ Member today. Thousands of law students use every month to prepare for class and exams. You should, too!

Faster, more powerful website coming soon!

When I started a few years ago, I never imagined that it would become as popular as it has. The site has gone from having just a few visitors a month to now having thousands! Now a new change is coming: is becoming faster and more powerful! Continue reading "Faster, more powerful website coming soon!"

Finals motivation: genius words to live by

Albert Einstein
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Many of you are finishing up law-school final exams right now. For some, this may be the first set of finals you've taken. For others, this may be your last. They're never that much fun. They're always quite stressful. But here's an apt quote from Albert Einstein for you to remember; it has been my personal motto for some time. Continue reading "Finals motivation: genius words to live by"

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I am happy to announce that A+ Members now have access to over 600 case briefs and outlines---and that number keeps growing every day! I have been busy at work adding law-school materials in several subjects.

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