Exclusionary Rule Table

Exclusionary Rule Table

The table below is a quick way to see how the Exclusionary Rule applies to violations of the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments as well as of Miranda. Also the exceptions to the Exclusionary Rule and how they differ in each context are highlighted. You can also download a PDF of the table here.

4th Amdt. Violations

Miranda Violations

5th Amdt. Violations

6th Amdt. Violations

Exclusionary Rule Fruits excludedWeeks v. United States, Mapp v. Ohio Statement excluded from case-in-chiefMiranda v. Arizona, Michigan v. Tucker Ashcraft v. Tennesse, Spano Statement excluded from case-in-chiefMassiah v. United States
Witness Testimony AdmittedUnited States v. Ceccolini AdmittedMichigan v. Tucker ExcludedGhailani Excluded
Physical Fruits Excluded unlessĀ taint attenuated, independent source, inevitable discovery, or good faith AdmittedUnited States v. Patane Excluded Excluded
Impeachment of Ds (not defense Ws) Admitted
United States v. Havens
AdmittedHarris v. New York ExcludedMincey v. Arizona AdmittedKansas v. Ventris

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