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I love hearing for appreciative law students who use my case briefs. I definitely can attest to how stressful law school is, so hopefully these briefs help you along a bit.
  • "Your website is great! Thank you for the case briefs, they helped with my criminal procedure outline. Your educational achievements make me envious!!! I admire your intelligence and discipline! I wish you much success in your future!"
    - April 2013
  • "Hey I love your website. Very helpful in my POD&Econ class! Thanks Jared."
    - December 2012
  • " I just wanted to let you know that we've been using your page ( for our enrichment social studies curriculum. Thanks for making it; it's been helpful!"
    - November 2012
  • "Hi Jared,
    I am a student at Seattle University School of Law. I just wanted to tell you that your site is helping me through Crim Pro. Thanks so very much!"
    - October 2012

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