Wills & Trusts (California)

By their very nature, wills, trusts, and estates are heavily creatures of state law. While there are many common-law concepts (e.g., definition of a trust), state codes (e.g., California Probate Code) usually define what is a valid will, codicil, revocation, intestate succession, etc. This section of Law School Resources is therefore primarily for those students studying law in California or who plan to take the California bar exam.

I was extremely proud of my wills and trusts outline. While it seems like a very difficult subject, it is very knowable. Let the outline give you the structure you need when analyzing a wills-and-trusts essay.

Note that my wills and trusts professor did not really emphasize case law, so I do not currently have case briefs. But you will see references to cases within the outline that may be on your reading list.

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