I passed the bar and so can you

state bar welcomeI found out a few days ago that I passed the California bar exam. You can imagine my excitement. It really is surreal to close the law-school chapter of my life and move forward as an attorney. I hope my experience will inspire you to soar through law school and the bar. Continue reading "I passed the bar and so can you"

5 post-Thanksgiving tips to prepare for final exams

Now that you've filled up on turkey and pumpkin pie, it's time to get down to business. You're in the home stretch. The freedom of winter vacation is so close. Here's how to get through the next few weeks and be ready for Game Day. Continue reading "5 post-Thanksgiving tips to prepare for final exams"

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It really is the “Same Love”

I just bought the album "The Heist" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. I'm not going to lie: I bought it because the song "Thrift Shop" is fantastic and the video is simply hilarious. But as I went on listening to the album, I heard this song: "Same Love." The song features Mary Lambert, and to get the full effect, you definitely need to watch the music video. It is extremely well done and left me in tears.

In a blog post about the song, Macklemore says,

This song is a humble submission to help bring this conversation to the surface, so that we can reflect on the language we use, and how powerful it can be. Rethinking, and understanding the gravity of how we communicate with each other. Change happens when dialogue happens. When we confront our prejudice and are honest with ourselves, there is room for growth, and there is room for justice.

Change does indeed happen when dialogue occurs. And that reminds me of a post I had saved in "draft" status on this site because  I wasn't sure if I wanted to publish it. Essentially, my grandfather likes to send me various political messages via email and when I talk to him on the phone. Our views tend to diverge on many issues (case and point: he's voting for Romney). However, he sent me an email a few months ago right after President Obama came out publicly in support of gay marriage. My grandfather was appalled that Obama would take a stand on what he saw as a "states' rights issue." I took a deep breath and replied:

I respectfully disagree with your view of Obama. You are correct that marriage is, in most senses, a states' rights issue. Actually there this strange, somewhat unspoken doctrine in federal law where federal courts will not touch a family law issue, even if they unquestionably have jurisdiction. It's unlike anything else in the law. However, obviously President Obama's statement was in response to North Carolina's adoption yesterday of its anti-gay marriage amendment. The difference here is that, yes, while states may choose many things for themselves, there are certain issues that are not up to discussion, constitutionally-speaking. Gay marriage rights are by no means universally recognized, but there is budding recognition from the Supreme Court down that, regardless of one's views, mere animus towards gays is not a permissible stance on such issues has who is entitled to be able to marry. I submit to you that the gay marriage issue is absolutely no different than anit-miscegenation laws that plagued this country such a few decades ago. It is now settled that mere animus towards African-Americans is not a permissible stance for states to take. Gay marriage is no different, regardless of how its opponents feel.
As far as which candidate is best for our country, I definitely come from the school that neither is a great choice. However, I stand strong for the one man who won't stand silent in the face of hate.
Love you guys.
So wherever you currently stand on the gay-marriage debate, just realize that, gay or straight, it really is the "Same Love."

Hiking at Switzer Falls, Angeles National Forest

Want breathtaking views just a short drive from LA? The 4-mile hike to Switzer Falls in the Angeles National Forest is just want the doctor ordered. Here are a few shots I took last time I went.