Sharing a Name

I just did a Google vanity search (come on, you know you do it too!) and stumbled across a "Share Your Story" page on the March of Dimes website. Apparently back in 2008 a mother began posting about her son's struggle to survive after being born with various health problems. So what's so special about this little guy? Well, he and I share a name -- two names to be exact. Jared Olen and I both have the exact same name. I've never met or heard about anyone before that had the same exact name as me. This is quite a different experience.

I just commented on one of the posts on the page, so I hope to hear back from Jared's mother. I will definitely update if/when I hear something. You can see the posts at I hope he's doing well. I will channel some strong Jared Olen energy to my fellow name-sharer!