The Secrets of Outlining: Why do we do it?

320px-Ballpen_head_macroWhen I started law school, I heard a lot of talk about outlines from upperclassmen, professors, and lawyers. I wasn't really sure why I was supposed to outline. And I wasn't really sure if I had a choice. I thought it was odd that everyone I talked to about law school said the same thing: "You have to outline." A budding lawyer, I had to ask, "But why?" Well, I finally had my answer. Here it is. Continue reading "The Secrets of Outlining: Why do we do it?"

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I passed the bar and so can you

state bar welcomeI found out a few days ago that I passed the California bar exam. You can imagine my excitement. It really is surreal to close the law-school chapter of my life and move forward as an attorney. I hope my experience will inspire you to soar through law school and the bar. Continue reading "I passed the bar and so can you"